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Our Mission

The Colorado Professional Videographers Association consists of a group of videographers promoting the goodwill and advancement of videography in the Colorado area. Our mission is to provide in-depth knowledge to those in our field through monthly seminars, to provide networking opportunities and to share and receive new ideas, techniques and technology covering the many aspects of videography. In a word, at every meeting we hope you will learn, be inspired and meet someone new.

Video Professionals,

We are going to try something a little different for our July meetup.  I hope you will join us on July 27th at 6pm at the Colorado Media School.  We will of course have another fantastic dinner provided by our most excellent food committee.  You will have time to network with other video professionals.  Bring your business cards!  We will again open up so you can show us what you are producing.  Last meeting we had a great selection of videos presented.  Please bring a video to share.  Remember our simple rules are; the video must be 3 minutes or less in length and you must tell us something your learned while producing the video.

As for the rest of the meeting it’s all about bringing your expertise. There will be no main presenter.  There are several questions fellow video professionals always have but these aren’t topics that would fill an entire meeting.

Do you want to know?

• What’s a camera to start out with?

• What NLE should I learn?

• Do I need to be an LLC?

• How do I compress video at a low date rate but still have high quality?

• How can I set up to produce video on my phone?

• How can I land a ‘whale’ of a client?

• Do I need a website?

• And much more!

I know your knowledge would be valuable to our members.  I know you would learn something from a fellow CoPVA member.  So, lets Bring Our Expertise together.  I look forward to another valuable night at a CoPVA meetup July 27th.

If you’re not a member your first meeting is free!  Single meeting cost is $20.  Ask us about annual membership rates!

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