All work and no play makes for a tired and dull life.

Come join your creative peers for a night of festive fun. Lanes and food are on the club for annually paid members. $10 for every one else and guests.

Be sure to bring business cards. This is the kind of event were new business relationships are cast old old ones renewed.

Meet the Masters Industry Panel Discussion

When: November 26th 2018 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: Colorado Media School, 404 S. Upham St. Lakewood CO 80226

What an incredible meeting we have lined out for you. We have 4 of our top videographers lined out to share with you insight and experience.

Not only are these 4 individuals experienced productions professionals, each and everyone of them one and operate there own business and provide productions services within our Colorado marketplace.

In addition each and everyone of these model professionals have found time to pay it forward and have served as board members for our very own CoPVA!

This Meetup is going to focus what it takes to be a Video Production Professional in the current Colorado marketplace. What skills are needed? What kind of equipment? What software should I use? How should I back up and store media? What services is the market lookin for?

This is likely going to be the most informative and valuable Meetup we have had this year.

This meeting is free to current annually paid member and $10 for everyone else.

Come prepared to learn and have your own questions ready.

Henry Mares- Owner of Mares Productions
Passionate about his clients, and communicating their stories, Henry Mares has been designing award-winning films for 25 years. He and his business partner, Lisa Mares, started Mares Productions in 1994. He has a Communications degree in TV/Broadcasting and has filmed thousands of events and commercial projects over the years. He and the company have received many accolades, including 2 international, 2 national, and 7 Icon Awards for video. Henry founded the Colorado Professional Videographers Association in 2001.

Cindy Ball- Owner A Window In Time Productions
Cindy Ball is the president and founder of her own production company in Denver, which was launched in 2003. She has filmed and edited hundreds of videos for a variety of clients; with a keen understanding of how to tell a great story to engage her audience.
Cindy is a graduate of University of Colorado, Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in marketing. Prior to starting her video production company she worked in the marketing department for a large financial services company; and then later joined a worldwide non-profit company helping chapters to develop and implement fund-raising events.

Shawn Montano- Owner Thunderhead Media
Shawn is a nationally recognized video professional. He has over 20 years of video production experience.
His company, Thunderhead Media, produces videos for non-profits, corporate training, presentations, corporate conferences, business profiles, and children’s events. His passion for visual storytelling led him to a career in higher education. Shawn is an Assistant Professor in the Journalism & Media Studies program at the University of Northern Colorado. Previously he ran the Video Production & Editing Program Emily Griffith Technical College. Before that I was an Adjunct Professor at Front Range Community College in the Multimedia Graphic Design Program. Shawn’s passion spills over into blogs He started The Edit Foundry, an educational blog with an emphasis in video editing in 2008. The Edit Foundry was named one of the 50 best blogs for Movie Makers by Movie Maker Magazine.

Larry Chapman- Owner Ft. Collins Video
Back in Junior High when most of us were just trying to remember our locker combination, Larry Chapman, founder of Fort Collins Video, was busy making movies with his Dad’s wind-up 8mm movie camera – a camera that still sits proudly in his studio alongside his modern collection of digital video equipment.
Twenty-seven years in engineering and management at HP, all while nurturing his true love of both still photography and video, led Larry to the creation of his first full length DVD, “Longs Peak – The Mountain and Your Journeys” in 2002 (2nd Edition released in 2007).
The success of this project prompted Larry, with the support of his wife of 38 years and his daughter, to make the leap of faith and dedicate himself to serving northern Colorado’s increasing needs for high-quality video.


Gear Swap

Don’t miss the CoPVA Gear Swap!
Where- Colorado Media School
When- Oct 29th 2018 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Please join us for a night of wheeling and dealing as we host our annual Gear Swap.

This is a great opportunity to find a buyer for that used gear that has been just collecting dust, or find that perfect lens or camera stabilizer. Remember the piece equipment you upgraded out of this last year may be exactly what the upcoming talent needs to get started or round out there kit.

Bring it all, DSLR’s, Camcorders, Media, Lighting, Tripods, Computers, Camera Cases, Camera Stabilizers, Lighting, Stands, Jibs, Gimbals and of course Money!

We are inviting students from Colorado Film School, Red Rocks Multi Media Dept, as well as students from our awesome sponsors, Colorado Media School.

Free to anyone just shopping, $20 for a non-annual paid member that wants to sell gear, $10 for annually paid members that want to sell gear.

Sellers be prepared to make change or except credit cards for your gear.

As always feel free to reach out with questions or suggestions.

See you there!


Create Your Own Career in Hollywood! Success Story of Producer Alexandra Boylan.

Alexandra will tell all, about her journey to becoming a Hollywood Producer!
Join us in support of this very special guest!

Join Us
September 24th, 2018 from 6:00pm-9:00pm
Colorado Media School
404 S. Upham St. Lakewood CO 80226

Alexandra Boylan will join us for a in depth discussion about her journey to becoming a Hollywood Producer.

Her story is an encouragement to anyone trying to get started in the industry, and of course a huge inspiration to all women struggling to find their nich in the exciting career of film making.

Please come out and support this very special event Ladies and Gents.

We will be giving away a couple of her books, Create Your Own Career in Hollywood, at the Meetup, so be sure to come early to claim your free raffle ticket for a chance to win.

Here is a little about Alexandra-

Alexandra Boylan
Producer, Writer, Actor
Co-Founder Mustard Seed Entertainment and Mirror Tree Productions

Alexandra Boylan an award winning filmmaker was born and raised in Georgetown, Massachusetts, where she first began her exploration into acting, which led her to relocate to Los Angeles. She honed her craft with acclaimed acting instructor Harry Mastrogeorge. and built a solid resume of independent films, short subjects, and music videos. Utilizing the skills obtained on dozens of movie sets and harnessing the passion that fuels her, she formed her own production company. MirrorTree Productions, which has produced numerous feature films, including “Home Sweet Home” and “At Your Own Risk.” Her company Mustard Seed Entertainments film “Catching Faith” had a two year run on Netflix and was on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and is currently streaming on Hulu. Her most recent film “Wish For Christmas” sold to Pure Flix Entertainment and Universal Studios Home Entertainment.
Her script “Switched” was awarded the winner of the Kiaros Pro MovieGuide award for best screenplay.
Alexandra is the author of “Create Your Own Career in Hollywood: Advice from a struggling actress who became a successful producer” available in Kindle and Print on Amazon.
She also Co-created “your pizza adventure” an innovative live action; choose your own adventure, style movie/app game.
She is an active member of Woman in Film Los Angeles. Where she served on the WIF PSA Board.
Alexandra is the Outreach Coordinator for Ms In The Biz, and co-collaborator of the book “Thriving in Hollywood.”

Please remember that the the Meetup is $10 if you are not an annual paid member. Revenue is used to pay for snacks at meetings, web site, Meetup fees and other meeting related expenses. All board members and other staff are volunteer only and are not paid.

Micro Film Festival! Aug 27th 6pm-9pm

August 27th, 6:090pm-9:00pm
Colorado Media School
404 S. Upham St., Lakewood, CO

Think you can make a movie cut to play at both film festivals and on TV? Not so fast! This and other nuggets, insights, and hard-earned lessons from husband/wife filmmaking team, Doug and Marianne Leviton, of Whistling Boulder Productions.

Whistling Boulder Productions, Inc. was formed in 2010 to produce documentary films.

Marianne Leviton is the president of the company and writes, produces, directs, and edits the films. She began making films in 2005 when she founded the Boulder Filmmaking Incubator which created a collaborative environment and collective for independent filmmaking. Her short films have won awards for best directing, best acting, and best art direction and have been featured in top 10 screenings at multiple short film festivals.

Doug Leviton is Whistling Boulder’s cinematographer, soundman, grip, assistant editor, IT guy, and whatever else needs doing. Doug’s experience behind a camera started as a kid with still photography in the 1970’s. His images have been published in Time, Money, and People magazines. Never far from a camera, Doug made his career as an optical engineer for NASA where he published 80 some papers on engineering related to space optics. He worked for over 20 years on optics for the Hubble Space Telescope and also NASA’s new James Webb Space Telescope. Now retired from NASA, he continues to consult in the field along with making movies.

Since 2010, the Levitons have focused on documentary work. At that time they produced a series of grant-funded, short documentaries for the Historic Motley County Jail in Matador, Texas. During the production of those documentaries, a near-tragic story unfolded when a devastating wildfire struck Motley County. Not long afterwards, Whistling Boulder raised grant funding for a feature documentary “A Line in the Sand” to preserve this heroic event.

Completed in late 2015, “A Line in the Sand” was voted the audience’s 2nd favorite movie at the Rockport Film Festival and was awarded Best Documentary and Best Woman Filmmaker in June 2016 for the Chandler International Film Festival. The movie has been aired multiple times on PBS. The film has also been featured in community events focusing on water shortage issues. In August 2018 the film was screened at the grand reopening of the historic Palace Theatre in Spur, TX. The box office donated $600 of the ticket sales to Spur’s volunteer fire department!

Doug and Marianne’s plan for their next feature project is “Saving SOHO” – the story of an international team of scientists and engineers who, beyond all odds, resuscitate the lost SOHO spacecraft from its long deep-freeze at a distance of 1,000,000 miles form Earth.

It seems only natural to go from real cowboys to space cowboys!

Please note we are also looking for several submissions for this event. These micro presenters will have ten minutes to show their under 3 minute video, give a summary of the production as well as take questions form the group. If you have a documentary piece you would like to show and make a brief presentation on, please forward the submission link and request to

As always remember, we spend the first 30-45 minutes of our Meetup sharing light snacks and networking with other industry professionals.

We do ask for a $10 donation to come to this meeting if you are not already a Annually Paid Member. The donation covers expenses like food and drinks, web site hosting, Meetup fees and other expenses.

Hope to see you there!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions about our Meetup.

In humble service,

Robert Butcher
President- CoPVA