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The Colorado Professional Videographers Association consists of a group of videographers promoting the goodwill and advancement of videography in the Colorado area. Our mission is to provide in-depth knowledge to those in our field through monthly seminars, to provide networking opportunities and to share and receive new ideas, techniques and technology covering the many aspects of videography. In a word, at every meeting we hope you will learn, be inspired and meet someone new.


Our Next Meeting Will Be On Wednesday, January 28th…..

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A 5 step process to ranking on the 1st page of Google Using YouTube

Certified Google Partner, Anthony Prichard takes you on a live step by step demonstration of how to rank on the 1st page of Google.

YouTube just overcame cable TV as the 2nd most watched platform and YouTube reports that it now has thousands of content creators making over $6 figure incomes.

If you feel like the speed of the internet has left you in the dust you can jump to the front of the line with Anthony’s 5 step process today.

1. Research

2. Create

3. Edit & Upload

4. Index for the Google spider

5. Syndicate & Broadcast

You won’t want to miss these crucial steps to getting found on the 1st page of Google. Hundreds and maybe thousands of people could be looking for what you do right now. . . Can they find you?


Dinner and drinks will be provided.

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