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Our Mission

The Colorado Professional Videographers Association consists of a group of videographers promoting the goodwill and advancement of videography in the Colorado area. Our mission is to provide in-depth knowledge to those in our field through monthly seminars, to provide networking opportunities and to share and receive new ideas, techniques and technology covering the many aspects of videography. In a word, at every meeting we hope you will learn, be inspired and meet someone new.


Our Next Meeting Will Be On Monday, March 30th

(RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/digitalvideo-75/)

Strategic Audio

Tyler Hayden is a Sound Designer/Engineer for Dynamite Laserbeam (www.dynamitelaserbeam.com).  He will talk to us about creating and engineering great audio for video.  Some of the topic’s he’ll cover are;

-brief sound design history

-creative mixing

-aural prioritization

-binaural sound and sound design 

-sound effects creation

-importance of field monitoring and coverage

-what will make my job easier and effective

-some “What not to do’s”

-mnemonics and musical branding

-importance of music

-music selection

-original music vs custom vs stock music

Dinner and drinks will be provided.

Bring a video to show to the group!

Your first meeting is free! Single meeting cost is $20. Ask us about annual membership rates!