September Meetup

September CoPVA meetup at the Colorado Media School.

In this meetup VFX veteran, Steve Wright, and Curt Donohue, creator of the Denver Media Professionals group, will help us understand how we can get great green screen footage even with a low cost crappy green screen setup.

In this meetup, VFX veteran, Steve Wright, will help us understand how we can get great green screen footage even with a low cost crappy green screen setup.

We’ll be demonstrating the right and wrong ways to set up an inexpensive greenscreen, lighting and camera so that you can make good quality greenscreen shots even with limited equipment.

Steve and Curt will then bring the greenscreen footage into the computer and key it on the spot so you can witness the effects of right and wrong setups.

They will also demonstrate the complete keying workflow including spill suppression, color correction and sweetening the composite.

Lastly, Steve will offer tips on lighting and camera settings from his years of Hollywood production experience to help you get the best shots possible from your equipment.

Here are a few more specifics on the topics we’re covering:

1.  Setting up a cheap portable green screen similar to this one with a few extra lights:

We’ll cover how to set it up and, most importantly, how to get the wrinkles out quickly

2.  Lighting the green screen evenly.  For this exercise, I’ll be using my external recorder (Atomos Ninja Blade) and showing you how to use the waveform monitor to set the correct even exposure.

3.  Capturing Footage.  We’ll capture both crappy footage from a poorly setup and lit green screen and great footage from a well setup and lit screen so we can see the difference.

4.  Processing Footage.  We’ll key the footage and produce a final result so you can see the whole process.

Steve Wright is a 20 year veteran creating visual effects for over 70 feature films. Since 2005 he has been a master trainer for visual effects compositing specializing in Nuke, the industry standard visual effects software.

He as conducted staff training for over 20 visual effects studios around the world such as Prime Focus, Disney Feature Animation, Pixar Animation, and many more. He has a vast library of visual effects tutorials on LinkeIn’s website and has published two popular books on compositing.

He is a highly sought-after speaker, academic lecturer, teacher, trainer, and author.


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We’ll begin the meeting with you!  Please bring a video to share.  Here are the rules before showing your video;


1.  It must be less than 3 minutes long

2. It must have a teachable moment

3. It must be a project and not a demo reel.  Must be an actual project you’ve completed

Your first meeting is free!  Single meeting cost is $20.  Ask us about annual membership rates!

See you then,

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