CoPVA October Meeting

This Monday we’ll hold our October meeting at the Colorado Media School.  We’ll have two speakers.

Jerry Delgado from the Sennheiser will speak about microphones and the coming changes in wireless spectrum and what it means for using your wireless microphones.

Chris Nicholson, Sales Engineer, Burst Communications will discuss  “The Future of TV is nearer than you think.”  The roadmap to ATSC 3.0 new over-the-air TV standards and what this means for TV broadcasters, Internet Video, and TV and Video Production Companies.

We’ll begin the meeting with you!  Please bring a video to share.  Here are the rules before showing your video;

1.  It must be less than 3 minutes long

2. It must have a teachable moment

3. It must be a project and not a demo reel.  Must be an actual project you’ve completed

Your first meeting is free!  Single meeting cost is $20.  Ask us about annual membership rates!

See you then,

Shawn Montano| President

Colorado Professional Videographers Association 

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