February Meetup

Interactive Video and its practical use in the marketplace

Please join us for our February Meetup. Our topic is –

Interactive Video and its Practical use in the Marketplace

Staying ahead of the competition is important to booking those next project opportunities. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about new technologies that take the internet video experience to the next level.
Mr. Steve Stone will show us cutting edge technology that is being used to convert video into interactive media. He will discuss its application and how this can benefit a business or organization. Additionally he will demonstrate the how simple the tools are to use in the VidMGR.net site, to convert any video into an interactive tool to create engagement with your clients target audience.
Steves BioSteve Stone, Internet Multi Media Expert and Innovator is the developer of VidMgr.net and state of the art internet video marketing tool and has been featured on the cover and in feature articles of advertising and marketing magazine  “The Review” www.dpub.us/AMr/OM-2.html

We’ll begin the meeting with you!  Please bring a video to share.  Here are the rules before showing your video;

1.  It must be less than 3 minutes long

2. It must have a teachable moment

3. It must be a project and not a demo reel.  Must be an actual project you’ve completed

Your first meeting is free!  Single meeting cost is $20.  Ask us about annual membership rates!

See you then,

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