Meetup May 22nd, 2017 – Robin Truesdale on Documentary Film Making

Meetup starts at 6:00pm and will be held at the Colorado Media School 404 S. Upham St. Lakewood CO. 80226.

Robin T. 1b

Robin Truesdale on Documentary Film Making

Filmmaker Robin Truesdale will share her personal path to creating the independent documentaries that she is passionate about. She’ll also outline the process to help you decide if documentary filmmaking might right for you: Where do you begin? How can you fund your film? What are realistic expectations for creating an indie film?


Robin Truesdale is a documentary filmmaker and the founder of Two Hands Films. She has directed, produced, and edited films that have screened at festivals and conferences worldwide, including A Beautiful Equation: Einstein, Bohr and Grandmothers, a 2015 Platinum Remi Award winner. Robin began her career as a news editor for a Denver television station. After years of constructing news and educational stories through video, she was introduced to documentary film’s powerful potential to communicate deeper stories about people, cultures, and issues of the times. Her work deals primarily with social justice, cultural, and humanitarian issues. Truesdale also owns and operates RT Editing, Inc., a video production and editing company specializing in services for small businesses and non-profit organizations. She received her BS and MS Degrees in Journalism from the University of Colorado.