Meetup June 26th, 2017 – Cutting Edge Video Production Technology to Immerse Our Audience

Platinum Sponsor VESRE is Hosting our Meeting in Partnership with Chance Media!
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James and Jessica
ames and Jessica Chance of Chance Media

Using Interactive Technology to Add Production Value and Engage Your Audience

Video production continues to change by the day. New Cameras. Software Advancements, Digital Effects and Even VR Technology.
What hasn’t changed is story telling. After everything is said and done telling the story and communicating your message is still the most important part of a production. Interactive video technology can not only help us tell our story but allow our audience to become a part of the experience allowing the to have control over the outcome.

Verse, a Platinum Sponsor of the CoPVA in partnership with James and Jessica Chance of Chance Media Presents:

Have you ever had a job where one video wasn’t going to cut it for a client? But how to connect multiple videos into one seamless experience? Interactive video is the answer. At the next COPVA meeting, Executive Producer Meredith Hogan of VERSE, shows how their affordable interactive video software can be used to solve problems for clients, and to unleash new storytelling creativity for your own projects. 

Using six tools, Verse helps creators curate links into video. With these tools, you can interconnect videos to create main narratives with “extra features;” interactive Q and As or DIY guides; choose-your-own-adventure Pathfinders; and 360 video that are clickable to other perspectives. Also, it’s easy to use, affordably priced and embeddable so no web development is required. Learn more at

A short presentation about stories told with the VERSE tools will be followed by a chat with the executive producers of Chance Multimedia and founders of Stories Without Borders, James and Jessica Chance. Learn more about their innovative combination of for-profit and non-profit storytelling, and the ins and out of how they’ve created interactive documentaries using the VERSE tools.