Exposure and Optics

Come spend the evening with your peers for networking and education with the top minds on your industry.

Monday November 27th, 2017 we will meet at Platinum Sponsors, Colorado Media School,  facility at 404, S. Upham Street. Lakewood Colorado.

Exposure: Getting it Right and Getting it Quick

Pro videographer Blake Rubenstein will offer tips and tricks  on setting correct exposure while shooting in the field where variable and unpredictable conditions make it challenging. Topics include, settings for Zebra, frame rate, shutter speed as well as handy camera add-ons.

Blake RubensteinSmall

With over 12 years of experience as a video and photo professional, Blake Rubenstein brings undying creativity and a drive to succeed to all of his creations. He tailors his efforts to the unique goals and objectives of his clients, bringing a keen understanding on how to work with a diverse clientele of individuals and institutions within private, nonprofit, and government arenas, which helps to create inimitable and exceptional narratives in film, TV, digital, and commercial mediums. Skilled in aerial videography, photography, broadcast, music videos, live events, and documentaries, Blake brings versatility and flexibility to all of his projects. He can take you on the fast-paced rides of extreme sports, convey the exhilaration of a world-class concert at Red Rocks, transport the viewer into the ring for an unparalleled view of hand-to-hand combat, explicate a company’s proud history, or provide poignant and thoughtful exposure to the joy of any special event. Every project has its own identity and Blake strives to create something truly new and wonderful with each one he takes on.

Focus on Lenses:

COPVA Treasurer Gary Kleiner will explore the various types of lenses and demonstrate their pros and cons for video shooting. He will cover topics such as focal lengths, primes vs. zooms, lens speed and controlling depth-of-field.


Canon 70-200 GaryKleiner_Lighter-150x150

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As always please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all at this meet up.

Robert Butcher
President CoPVA