About Robert Butcher

A life time creative that loves to help businesses create multi media content to market and brand their organizations.

Creative Studio Techniques

When: Wednesday May 30th, 2018 6:00-9:00
Where: Manmade Media Studio, 2352 Dayton St. Aurora, CO. 

Why would any of us consider taking our production into the studio?

Mr. Marcin Biegunajtys, Producer and Studio Owner, will take a close look at creative techniques that can be used in the studio. Some of the topics that will be covered are Studio Lighting Techniques, Audio Capture, Set Design, as well as Green Screen. Although there may be some discussion on the technical aspects the focus will be creative techniques to increase production value.

Marcin Biegunajtys, an Art Institute of Colorado graduate, has been involved in video production locally as well as nationally since 2000. His extensive knowledge of high end production gear and software, like Red cameras and Nuke special effects software have earned him the reputation of Video Production Guru. He is well respected amongst his peers and has completed productions for companies like Davita, Western Union, The Colorado Symphony, and even CDot.

Come join us for a night of networking and education.

If you would please bring a folding chair if you would like to sit as the studio has limited seating.

Please remember that this meeting is free to annual paid members and $20 for attending guests. Food and Drinks are included.

Feel free to send an email with any questions to myself.


Premiere Pro Tips and Tricks

This meeting is not at Colorado Media School. It will be held at Boulder Digital Arts, Boulder Campus.

When- March 26th 2018, from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Where- Boulder Digital Arts. 1600 Range Street, Suite 100, Boulder CO


• What we’ll do
Adobe’s Premiere Pro is a very deep piece of software with many features and controls that many editors may not leverage. As with any other skill, you will find that the more often you use a function, or editing procedure, the more proficient you’ll become at performing that task repeatedly.

Veteran editor Brian Brown of BrownCow Productions has used Premiere Pro on a daily basis for over ten years. At this special BDA “Premiere Tips and Tricks” workshop created exclusively for CoPVA, Brian will walk-through a dozen or so tips that he’s developed through the years, including the Dynamic Link function, custom keyboard shortcuts, Ripple Edit tricks, custom effects presets, making a frequency “hole” in audio for spoken dialogue to sit in a mix, subclips, and many more.

This workshop will be held in one of BDA’s state of the art classrooms, as a result, we will have the ability to work through the tips with the instructor on the classroom workstations. This is a hands-on workshop!

Please note that BDA is a CoPVA Platinum Sponsor and offers CoPVA Members a 15% discount on many classes and workshops.

BDA is celebrating their 14th anniversary this year, and they’ve now got more affordable classes and workshops than ever! If you’re looking to increase your skill set, Boulder Digital Arts is there for you. And if you need a place to call your office, be sure to check out BDA’s Coworking Space, with free conference rooms to meet with your clients! www.boulderdigitalarts.com

• What to bring
Business cards, a willingness to learn and positive attitudes.

• Important to know
Please note that this is meeting is Free to annual CoPVA Members and $20 as a single pay meeting attendee. We do accept cash, check or credit card at the meeting for single meeting pay. Please ask about annual membership opportunities and benefits at the meeting.


Digital Media Marketing and Distribution

The Next CoPVA Meetup will be at Colorado Media School
February 26th, 2018 from 6:00pm-9:00pm
404 S. Upham St., Lakewood CO 80226

We are all well aware that video and digital content is King! Once we have produced it, then what? Internet marketing and distribution of this media is necessary to put those materials in front of our customers audience.

Our very special guest for the month of February is Mr. Matthew Walton. Mathew is and experienced Account Executive and Producer that has a long history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. his resume includes skills in Digital Strategy, Radio Advertising, Radio, Media Buying, and Media Relations. He is a strong marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Communication and Media Studies from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Matthew will share with us his hands on experience with delivering digital media to focused and targeted markets.

Be sure to reach out to our group sponsors.

Contracts and Taxes Oh My!


Monday, January 29th, 2018
Colorado Media School
404 S. Upham St. Lakewood, CO 80226

Lets Get Down To Business-

Payment Terms, Ownership of Media, Disputes. What do all of these things have in common? Topics that should be covered in our contracts as we are actively practicing our craft in the marketplace.

I know these are not the reasons we went into business, however if we do take them serious and cover our backsides they could be the reason we loose our business!

January’s Meetup will focus on the business side of things as our Keynote Speaker Mr. Collin Moriarty dives deep into the important components in a production contract. Collin will talk about; Elements of a Contract – Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Proving a Contract – Verbal, Written, Parol Evidence, and Merger, Advantages of a Contract – Quasi-contract theories, forum selection, choice of law, collection costs, etc, Causes of Contract Breaches – Screwing up, Lack of Understanding, Self-Interest, Outside Problems

Mr. Moriarty is a trial attorney who has litigated business disputes, federal employment discrimination lawsuits, construction and fabrication defect claims, a telecommunications law dispute, and other lawsuits involving complex issues and remedies over the past 10 years. He also has represented business clients in commercial arbitration proceedings in the Denver metro area.

B.A., University of Wisconsin, J.D., Georgetown University

If you have business questions or need representation please contact Colin at 303-721-7112 or visit the Underhill Law website at http://www.underhilllaw.com.

It’s that time again. Tax Time!

Our Micro Presenter will be our new CoPVA Sponsor Mr. Dale Smith. Dale will be sharing a few tax tips with us to help ease the pain through tax season this year. Dale is a Accountant and Business Consultant focused on helping businesses plan and manage finances as well as processing annual tax filings. Please note that Dale is also offing $100 off of any embers 2017 filing as well as a review of your 2016 tax returns to see if they are substantially correct, and will review their business entity set up documents to see if they are complete – both for no additional charge for these reviews. This is a great opportunity and value. Please reach out to Dale if you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation with him at 303-337-8195 or by visiting his web site at http://www.biznetltd.com. On another note we will be discussing some association changes as well as getting our annual Non-profit CoPVA community video project started.

Looking forward to connecting with everyone in the new year. Best wishes and happy holidays to everyone.

• What to bring
Great attitudes, your networking shoes, a desire to grow your business and to learn something new.

• Important to know
Please remember that we offer annual memberships at $120 a year or a single meeting fee of $20, either payable at the door. Membership dues are used to fund the club expenses and activities for standard monthly meetings. All staff/ board members are all volunteer. Workshops and and group trips are not covered under annual membership dues.

Holiday Social and Meet The Board Panel Discuss


Celebrate the holidays and close out this outstanding year with your fellow Production peers at the CoPVA Holiday Social and CoPVA Board Panel Discussion.

Monday December 18, 2017 from 6-9pm
Flying Pig Burger Co.
5935 S. Zang St., Littleton, CO 80127


The Flying Pig Burger Co., our holiday event sponsor in Littleton CO., will host the  CoPVA in their private meeting area for a fun filled night of celebration, food and cold beverages on tap as well as networking, laughter, games, and prizes!

Food and beverages will be the individual responsibility of each member/ attendee. Our normal catering budget will be spent on prizes for game and raffle winners. 


Additionally we will spend a portion of the evening with our special guest Mr. Curt Donahue, of Denver Media Professionals, as he moderates an intimate discussion with your Board Members. During this discussion we will cover Board Member introductions, equipment and software preferences, as well as challenges and successes in 2017. This will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions as well as make suggestions for the coming year.

Please be sure to come network, celebrate and weigh in with your thoughts. Your input and participation is imperative in helping us grow and strengthen our community of professionals.

As always please feel to reach out if you have any questions.

Robert Butcher
President- Colorado Professional Videographers Association.