Panasonic and the G5 2.0 plus Anamorphic Workflow! and PBS Documentarian Richard Luckin!

Monday Sept. 25th, 6:00pm at the Colorado Media School 404 S. Upham St., Lakewood Colorado 80226

Come spend the evening with other industry professionals for an evening of networking and education. And don’t forget, if you would like to show some of your work for peer feedback we would love to see what you’ve been working on.

Richard Luckin- PBS Documentarian

Our micro presenter for the Collaboration Corner will be Award winning and PBS Documentarian Mr. Richard Luckin. Richard has recently completed yet another PBS production- Selling Sunshine: The Florida Trains, staring Michael Gross (Family Ties), and will take us through the journey of creating this documentary. In addition we will see a couple of brief clips and discussion about some of his other PBS Productions like; Sephyr in Colorado, Packard- An American Classic Car, and Ridin’ the Goose.



Our keynote presentation will be delivered by Panasonic’s Mathew Frazer. Matt Frazer will be giving a comprehensive overview of the GH5, including what has been added to the camera with the announcement of their V2.0 Firmware update. Topics covered will include, GH5 basics, V-LOG L and logarithmic best practices, HDR/HLG and how to use the GH5 for high dynamic range production and will close with Anamorphic in the GH5. Panasonic will bring several sample GH5 cameras running firmware version 2.0 along with the XLR1 Audio adaptor and the BGGH5 battery grip.

Improve your video footage with HDR Workflow. August 28, 2017

Don’t miss this great opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your craft!

This meeting will be held at the

Colorado Media School
404 S Upham St,
Lakewood, CO 80226

Meeting Starts at 6:00.

Burst a CoPVA Platinum Sponsor PRESENTS- HDR Workflow.

Being a career student is important as a Video Production Professional. The tech is continually changing and the competition is continually advancing. Spend an evening with your peers with opportunities to network and learn!

Sony continues to bring professionals cutting edge tech to improve there finished products and improve workflow.

Senior support expert Shahpour Nosrati-Fard will give us an in depth presentation on HDR Workflow and Hyper Log Gamma. In addition we will receive an update on some of Sony’s latest tech in the camera line.


Sony Senior Support Engineer Shahpour Nosrati-Fard has been with Sony Since 2000, first as a Sr. Service Engineer and as a Sr. Sales Support Engineer for Sony Broadcast and Professional Products since late 2001.   Shahpour is an expert on camera systems, camera technology and broadcast workflows. 


Also don’t miss our Micro Presenter during the Collaboration Corner. Stephanie Borger, a production makeup veteran, will share with us-

3 Tricks the Video Professional can use on Set.


Hi! I am originally from Colorado and a alumni of CU Boulder! I first found my passion for make-up when I worked at Aveda. While at Aveda, I helped women customize their make-up and skincare routines. I want to use my 10 years of experience to help others look and feel beautiful. It makes me happy when I can help women see their inner beauty in the mirror.  I strive to bring out the best in each of my clients and take their suggestions seriously with my positive energy, attitude, and talent.


Meetup July 31st, 2017 Understanding the Value and Function of Grip

This meeting will be held at Circuit Studios at 5415 W. 59th Ave. Suite D, Arvada, Colorado 80003
Learn more about Circuit Studios

Turbocharge your productions with a better understanding of Grip Techniques.

Any production from Hollywood scale to Television, Documentaries and even Corporate work, can benefit from having someone knowledgable with the Art of Grip on the set. Yet Grips and the value they bring is often times over looked by even the most experienced producers. John Murphy and Spencer Blessman will guide us through the seemingly mysterious and often misunderstood art of the grip, leaving us with practical and valuable knowledge we can use on our sets today!

Spencer Blessman of Circuit StudiosSPENCER T. BLESSMAN – Received his B.F.A. in film and television production from Chapman University in southern California in 1991. Working for FOX Television and HBO Independent while in Los Angeles then returning to Colorado. Producer, Director of Photography, Director, Editor, and a long career in the Grip and Electric arena are on his experience list. Operating as Owner/Producer for Krisp Productions since its inception in 2004 continues today. Jobs reaching from 3D IMAX features to corporate video production and everything in between. From 1995 – 2001 Spencer worked as a Lighting designer for Rock and Roll shows in New York City. During that time he spent two years as an electrician for “As The World Turns”, daytime television drama. Returning home to Colorado, and continuing the pursuit of film and television production now finds him as a partStudios LLC.

John Murphy of Circuit StudiosJOHN MURPHY – John Murphy received his B.F.A. in Film Production from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1991.

In 1994 he founded GripworksCo LLC, a Denver based Grip & Lighting company. Since then, John has been Gaffer on countless Commercials, Corporate Videos, Music Videos, and Indy Films. In 2006 he began shooting and editing those projects as well. In 2012 John teamed up with longtime collaborator, Spencer Blessman to build Circuit Studios as a space to create content in house as well as being available for the Denver film and video community.


Meetup June 26th, 2017 – Cutting Edge Video Production Technology to Immerse Our Audience

Platinum Sponsor VESRE is Hosting our Meeting in Partnership with Chance Media!
Make sure to come out and show our new sponsor some LOVE. They help make these meetings happen!


James and Jessica
ames and Jessica Chance of Chance Media

Using Interactive Technology to Add Production Value and Engage Your Audience

Video production continues to change by the day. New Cameras. Software Advancements, Digital Effects and Even VR Technology.
What hasn’t changed is story telling. After everything is said and done telling the story and communicating your message is still the most important part of a production. Interactive video technology can not only help us tell our story but allow our audience to become a part of the experience allowing the to have control over the outcome.

Verse, a Platinum Sponsor of the CoPVA in partnership with James and Jessica Chance of Chance Media Presents:

Have you ever had a job where one video wasn’t going to cut it for a client? But how to connect multiple videos into one seamless experience? Interactive video is the answer. At the next COPVA meeting, Executive Producer Meredith Hogan of VERSE, shows how their affordable interactive video software can be used to solve problems for clients, and to unleash new storytelling creativity for your own projects. 

Using six tools, Verse helps creators curate links into video. With these tools, you can interconnect videos to create main narratives with “extra features;” interactive Q and As or DIY guides; choose-your-own-adventure Pathfinders; and 360 video that are clickable to other perspectives. Also, it’s easy to use, affordably priced and embeddable so no web development is required. Learn more at

A short presentation about stories told with the VERSE tools will be followed by a chat with the executive producers of Chance Multimedia and founders of Stories Without Borders, James and Jessica Chance. Learn more about their innovative combination of for-profit and non-profit storytelling, and the ins and out of how they’ve created interactive documentaries using the VERSE tools.

Meetup May 22nd, 2017 – Robin Truesdale on Documentary Film Making

Meetup starts at 6:00pm and will be held at the Colorado Media School 404 S. Upham St. Lakewood CO. 80226.

Robin T. 1b

Robin Truesdale on Documentary Film Making

Filmmaker Robin Truesdale will share her personal path to creating the independent documentaries that she is passionate about. She’ll also outline the process to help you decide if documentary filmmaking might right for you: Where do you begin? How can you fund your film? What are realistic expectations for creating an indie film?


Robin Truesdale is a documentary filmmaker and the founder of Two Hands Films. She has directed, produced, and edited films that have screened at festivals and conferences worldwide, including A Beautiful Equation: Einstein, Bohr and Grandmothers, a 2015 Platinum Remi Award winner. Robin began her career as a news editor for a Denver television station. After years of constructing news and educational stories through video, she was introduced to documentary film’s powerful potential to communicate deeper stories about people, cultures, and issues of the times. Her work deals primarily with social justice, cultural, and humanitarian issues. Truesdale also owns and operates RT Editing, Inc., a video production and editing company specializing in services for small businesses and non-profit organizations. She received her BS and MS Degrees in Journalism from the University of Colorado.