Meetup May 22nd, 2017 – Robin Truesdale on Documentary Film Making

Meetup starts at 6:00pm and will be held at the Colorado Media School 404 S. Upham St. Lakewood CO. 80226.

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Robin Truesdale on Documentary Film Making

Filmmaker Robin Truesdale will share her personal path to creating the independent documentaries that she is passionate about. She’ll also outline the process to help you decide if documentary filmmaking might right for you: Where do you begin? How can you fund your film? What are realistic expectations for creating an indie film?


Robin Truesdale is a documentary filmmaker and the founder of Two Hands Films. She has directed, produced, and edited films that have screened at festivals and conferences worldwide, including A Beautiful Equation: Einstein, Bohr and Grandmothers, a 2015 Platinum Remi Award winner. Robin began her career as a news editor for a Denver television station. After years of constructing news and educational stories through video, she was introduced to documentary film’s powerful potential to communicate deeper stories about people, cultures, and issues of the times. Her work deals primarily with social justice, cultural, and humanitarian issues. Truesdale also owns and operates RT Editing, Inc., a video production and editing company specializing in services for small businesses and non-profit organizations. She received her BS and MS Degrees in Journalism from the University of Colorado.

April Meetup at the Colorado Media School

Our April Meetup is all about After Effects.  Bring you laptop and follow along with Keith West.

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Keith teaches Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator at Metro State University, Red Rocks Community College, and Front Range Community College. He also works as a Motion Graphics and Imaging consultant to individuals and corporations alike. In the 1980s and 1990s, Keith was videographer and photographer for commercials and industrial videos produced along the Front Range, and has appeared in some major film productions for MGM and Warner Brothers.

Keith West is going to share a glimpse into his years of experience with After Effects. Keith will first share with us a number of animations to demonstrate the abilities of this powerful software application. With our gears turning with ideas of how we might use this application in our very own projects, he will then give us a brief tour of the interface and share with us a tutorial of some specific After Effects techniques. Of course we will have plenty of time for some Q&A.

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March CoPVA Meetup at Colorado Media School

Please join us for our March CoPVA Meetup:

Adding Production Value with Special Effects and Working Effects Professionals

Jim Milligan, a 17 year special effects veteran, will take the time to share with us various special effects applications that can be incorporated into your production. We will get the opportunity to see production footage from his years in the industry with behind the scenes insight on what it took to accomplish the effect. Don’t for a moment think you need a Hollywood budget to incorporate special effects in to your project. Jim will share with us some common and scalable effects that will fit into many clients budgets, taking the production value of your project to a whole new level.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be entertained and educated with Jim’s years of experience in Hollywood and local productions.

Jim Milligan has over 17 years of experience providing great stunts and special effects in Hollywood as well as local markets. His specialties are, pyro, gun effects, rain, snow, smoke. Also he has extensive mechanical, fabrication and welding backgrounds which allow him to create custom fixtures and machines to accomplish various effects. He has received many film credits to include Eyebrows, Ink, The Five, Throttle, Skills Like This, Juncture, Silver City, Willy Bogner Films, Girls Guide to Wilderness, Ichabod,

Three Ninjas, High Noon at Mega Mountain and Moosie. His Television credits include, Americas Most Wanted, Manhunt, X-Games, Action Channel, TLC, Starz, ESPN. Discovery Channel, HGTV and KMGH Channel 7.

At this March meeting will also discuss the election and Board Electives.

Your first meeting is free!  Single meeting cost is $20.  Ask us about annual membership rates!


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February Meetup

Interactive Video and its practical use in the marketplace

Please join us for our February Meetup. Our topic is –

Interactive Video and its Practical use in the Marketplace

Staying ahead of the competition is important to booking those next project opportunities. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about new technologies that take the internet video experience to the next level.
Mr. Steve Stone will show us cutting edge technology that is being used to convert video into interactive media. He will discuss its application and how this can benefit a business or organization. Additionally he will demonstrate the how simple the tools are to use in the site, to convert any video into an interactive tool to create engagement with your clients target audience.
Steves BioSteve Stone, Internet Multi Media Expert and Innovator is the developer of and state of the art internet video marketing tool and has been featured on the cover and in feature articles of advertising and marketing magazine  “The Review”

We’ll begin the meeting with you!  Please bring a video to share.  Here are the rules before showing your video;

1.  It must be less than 3 minutes long

2. It must have a teachable moment

3. It must be a project and not a demo reel.  Must be an actual project you’ve completed

Your first meeting is free!  Single meeting cost is $20.  Ask us about annual membership rates!

See you then,

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January Meetup

CoPVA Meetup members,

Happy New Year.  I hope everyone’s excited for a new year and new presentations.  CoPVA has an exciting year lining up.  We are going to start the new year at VER.  Mike and Matt from Canon Professional will show their ME-20F multi-purpose camera.  In addition VER will have the Canon XF105, XF305, C300 Mk II, Canon Cine-servo zoom 17-120mm T2.95 and other gear.  We hope you’ll join us for this great Canon demo.

This demo is earlier that our normal meetups.  Don’t forget to show up at 5pm at VER Video Equipment Rentals.

Please RSVP.

Thank you

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