Nomination Form to Non-Profit Video Project

The CoPVA organization of multi media professionals is giving back to our community by selecting 1 local non-profit for the production of a promotional or public service announcement video. Although there is much flexibility as to the topic and creative approach to the production, the production will be limited to roughly 1.5-3 minutes in length. The beneficiary of this project will have a full use license. The CoPVA and its members will have the right to use and show the completed project. The CoPVA members will be providing their time and talents Pro-bono. Any requirements that the beneficiary has, outside of the time and talent available within the body of the CoPVA membership, will be the financial responsibility of the beneficiary of the video project.  CoPVA is taking nominations. The final selection of a beneficiary will be made by a vote of the CoPVA Membership.


All submissions must be received by June 10, 2016. Deciding vote will take place during June 27, 2016 CoPVA Meeting.

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