Questions about 10 Forward

Thank you so much for your interest in the 10 Forward Media Workshop.  We are looking forward to this exciting event.  We have had some questions that I’m sure many or you are asking.

1.  Where is it exactly?

10 Forward Media Workshop is at 200 East 9th.  The building is on the southeast corner of 9th and Sherman. This the the front of the building.


The Video Production & Editing program just moved into the building a few months ago. There is no signage.  We will have people out in front directing.  The main door to enter is a the back of the building.

enter here



 2. Where do we park and is it free?

There is parking along side the building on the east and south side of the building.  There is also a parking lot just east across the alley for parking.

3. How can you fit 10 presentations in such a short amount of time?

Our first presentation everyone will join together in our main studio.  The Keynote presentation is Marketing & Branding Yourself Online.  After that there will be 8 presentation session with 2 running simultaneously.  So you’ll have a choice between two different presentations the rest of the day.

4. Who exactly is this for?

We’ve tried to come up with presentations for everyone.  If you are in a broadcast newsroom, a freelance individual, thinking about changing careers, a student or just curious about media in general we’ve got a presentation for you.

5. Is there breakfast?

Yes, we will have coffee and a light breakfast for you to enjoy for free.

6. Is there lunch?

Yes, lunch is being provided onsite for free.

7.  Why is it called 10 forward?

It’s in the 10 month of the year.  There are 10 presentations.  We hope you’ll have 10 new contacts at the end of the day.  We hope you’ll learn 10 new elements to move your craft forward.  We’ll be together for 10 hours.  Oh, and one of the organizer is a fan of Star Trek.

8. How are the hands-on presentations going to work?

The Mac Lab at the Emily Griffith Video Campus has 20 computers in it.  You’ll be able to sit in on the lecture and have lab time just like when you were in school.

9. Can I just bring my own laptop for the hands-on presentations?

Sure, we will have a table set up in the back of the room if you’d like to bring your own laptop and follow along?

10.  I’m not a member of the NPPA, NATAS, or CoPVA.  But I want to join.

Have we got a deal for you!  Simply come on down and instead of registering for the event, join the NPPA, CoPVA or NATAS.  Once you’re a member you’ll get in FREE!

10.  Can I pay at the door?  Yes. We can take payments at the door.





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